Windows 8 will reset option to erase all

Windows for some time already offers the option to restore to an earlier point where applications were not present or at a point before installing a driver, for example. But inWindows 8 Microsoft will offer two new options, calls Refresh and Reset , which are quite unlike the restore option – one of them is very similar to the factory restore option that is present in most if not all, of today’s cell phones .

The option of Reset will make Windows start from scratch: it removes all personal data, all changes to the default settings and reinstall the system. Within this option you can make two choices: remove the data completely (longer) or just delete the data quickly (so they can be recovered by someone with the right tools). It is intended to be used when you do not have much attachment to their data or have already backed up your computer and want to move forward.

Since the option Refresh keeps all data, applications and settings but it makes an OS reinstall. This second option for those who must serve notice any problem or are dissatisfied with a possible slowdown, a hallmark of older Windows installations. Or also for people who want to reinstall the system but do not have an external hard drive for backup.

The details even more detailed (!) Of these options are available on the official blog of the team responsible for building Windows 8. There has also been detailed in past the new installation of Windows 8, you must follow a simpler scheme than the existing several screens in previous systems, so it is natural that the other processes follow the same ideology.

You can watch a video showing these features in action:Building windows 8- reset and refresh.


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