IZGO screens will be used in Apple’s iPhone 3 and iPad 5

It has long been rumored that Sharp will be the next manufacturer responsible for supplying to Apple the screens for future devices, the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 . This time the evidence of this association we report more complete information to leak out of Cupertino that introduced the IZGO screens , a type of panels formed by other compounds that improve the response time and also significantly reduce energy consumption .

The screens on smartphones and tablets have become an essential component. No wonder. Today this type of electronic devices we manage through graphical interfaces optimized for this type of touch panels . At the same time it has improved the response and sensitivity to touch , manufacturers also seek to introduce technologies to reduce energy consumption of the display without losing sight of the growth in size and resolution , especially in the smart phones, such as can be seen If we look at the market.

Apple is committed to innovation

In this area, Samsung is one of the most advanced companies with their displays OLED ( AMOLED Super, Super Plus and Super AMOLED AMOLED Plus HD ). Other manufacturers such as LG also has to his credit such screens NOVA , high luminosity. As for Apple , Californians so far satisfied with the panels IPS high-resolution, called Retina Display .However, it seems that the next generation of its smartphone and tablet screens will be equipped with modern and evolving.

IZGO, a consumption-conscious technology

As spreads DigiTimes Systems , has been told to be Sharp the manufacturer responsible for providing the new. The technology IZGO these panels will include mainly provide a substantial energy savings , but also feature other improvements to the IPS LCD made ??of silicon amorphous . From the energy point of view, making reference to a 10-inch display, would be a savings of 33% compared to other TFT LCD panels. In addition, the electrical and physical properties of the layer of these screens will reduce the latency and will lead to a gain of resolution, with a density of 330 dpi. In short, the perfect screen type to equip the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 .

The secret: the conductivity

What is special about these screens IZGO ? What favors lower power consumption and a higher resolution? The answer lies in its composition . For starters, its thickness is about 25% lower than the IPS-mounted iPhone 4S , and aproduction cost lower. The layer that stimulates the liquid crystal is made ??from a mixture of oxides of indium, gallium and zinc (hence its name IZGO), elements with a electrical conductivity much higher (free electrons move between 20 and 30% faster ) to the silicon oxide in an amorphous state.

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