Google Chrome to work for U.S. government

After conquering preferably about 30% of sailors around the world, the browser Google Chrome now follows career as a leading member of the U.S. government. The announcement came during a conference with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on January 26, but that was only available in video format on the network last week.

At 35 minutes of this video , a citizen asked what were the government’s plans to upgrade Internet Explorer on computers that ran the service of Uncle Sam. The secretary’s response was:

“Just three years ago we were not in the 21st century [as computers and software], but since then we have made progress. (…) Google Chrome will begin to be deployed on the computers of the Secretary of State around the world from February 14, as a browser option, since it might not work in all applications of all departments. We believe it will greatly improve access to and use of our services “

Secretary Clinton warned that some internal software may not be initially compatible with Chrome, so it may be necessary to use Internet Explorer as well. So IE8 was fully tested and approved, while Chrome will be an optional browser. The State Department will skip IE9 and move to IE10 on or before February 2013.

In a post published today by the Chrome development team is said that in just two weeks, the browser was installed on 58,000 government computers. This is the first time another browser besides IE is certified by the U.S..

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