Designer develops the concept of “invisible” camera

The designer Su Yeon Kim created the Air Clicker , camera and camcorder that uses motion sensor and communicate with smartphones via Bluetooth. The goal is to replace a camera for only two small gadgets that do not occupy much space.

The structure,  little unconventional, makes the camera seem “invisible”.  Through an key part is placed on the thumb, you can place the lens on or offthe camera. Since the device placed in the indicator is responsible for detecting the movement to shoot. Do this by imitating the movement of pressing the traditional shot.

With the motion sensor, the Air Clicker can identify when you want to photograph or record. To change to the shooting mode you need to simulate the hand position when ‘holding’ the camcorder lens.

By using the existing synchronization via Bluetooth, all the recorded material is saved quickly and easily on any smartphone.

Although the idea might attract mamy consumers, the Air Clicker has no forecast to begin to be produced and marketed.

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