Designer creates concept smartphone for the blind

If the world today is filled with smartphones, why not create a device specifically for the visually impaired?Thinking about which the student of Industrial Design Shikun Sun,Sheffield Hallam at the University of, England, made ??the concept of DrawBraille Mobile Phone. It is a device with all the normal functions of a phone, but with signs in Braille.

 The concept includes a book reader, text messaging, email, and even a music player. TheMobile Phone DrawBraille is divided into two main parts: one with 35 Braille commands, divided into five columns, and the other with a touchscreen, with embossed surface. The battery is also depicted: five points are easily accessible, located at the side of the device which can be touched to know the level of charge.

Surely the Sun Design is a practical and functional for the visually impaired. Nevertheless, there is no prediction that when the unit arrives to be marketed.

Via Yanko Design

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