Consumer Preview of Windows 8 arrive later this month

After extra officials information about the release of Windows 8 for consumers, Microsoft confirmed on invitation sent to reporters that a test version of new operating system interface will reach the end of the month.The platform will be available for testing on February 29 with the launch of Windows Consumer Preview 8. 

The date and location of the launch coincides with the World Mobile Congress, the greater mobility of the world event held annually in Spain.This indicates that the manufacturer is focusing seriously on 8 keep Windows as an operating system for tablets, besides the traditional profile for desktops and laptops.

The preview will enable ordinary consumers to download and use the pre-release – Microsoft did not call this offer as a beta version – and the novelty test, which has the interface Metro, which promises to use a completely different compared to that Consumers are accustomed.

However, be warned: the operating system, because it is a preview, will probably contain several bugs and their functionality will not be completely finished.

The beta for Windows developers arrived in September 8.

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