Computers of credit card size on sale in January

A low-cost computer with the size of a credit card. This is how the Raspberry Pi has been presented, but these are not the only characteristics to define the micro-computer which debuts in January, with prices starting at $ 25. The idea that in 2006, preceded the development of the device , created in the UK, was to provide a cheap and small computer, which was within reach of the pockets of students and change the way they relate to the machines and programming. The result is a micro-computer – 85.60 mm x 53.98 mm x 17mm and 45 grams of weight – that connects to a TV (or monitor) and a keyboard and can be used for many of the traditional PC functions such as word processing, creating spreadsheets or to play. It also supports video playback in high definition. In its basic configuration, the little machine that runs Linux, comes with an ARM processor, USB ports, audio and video outputs, HDMI and SD card slot. This version will be available for $ 25. The so-called model B costs $ 10 more, but has twice the RAM (256MB), Ethernet – a published schema as shown on the project site.Although not tell Raspberry Pi, for example, recipient will Wi-Fi, it can be added via a USB-connected peripheral. The input (micro USB) will also be the means of feeding the micro-computer, it is clarified. The first examples of the equipment shall be available forsale online in January and still, according to officials, the goal is to ensure international deliveries from the beginning.

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